Collage All About Me

Each element in this collage says something about me.

The woman reading a book represents my liking for reading and the hand drawing her symbolizes my joy of drawing. The camera shows my interest in photography, because it’s something that I have fun with and enjoy. The controller implies that I like playing videogames which is something I do in my free time and can go all they long playing.

The spider graffiti represents Spider-Man which is my favorite super hero and I’m really excited for the his new game. The girl making the graffiti is a character from Star Wars which is my favorite movie franchise and she is painting the rebels logo, so I decided to put her there just to represent this liking of mine. The headset is there to represent my love for music and how much I enjoy listening to it.

America’s Top Photographer

First Episode: in the first episode we pretty much got to know the competitors and what they’re going to do along the show. Their first subject was a famous fencing athlete. It was really helpful to see how a photographers work is done and I could learn a lot from what I watched.

Second Episode: The second episode we had the photographers pick their subjects and their style. it was impressive to see how many people were involved on this episode’s challenge. I learned a little about thinking how I want my subjects to look and how to do it.



Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her many portraits, self-portraits, surrealism and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. Frida would sometimes make surrealism and when she did, she would include herself, animals, nature and some aspects of her country. In this picture Frida Kahlo is trying to convey that she feel like she’s in great pain and feels like a deer with a bunch of arrows in its flesh. This picture is a good example of surrealism because she put her head in the body of a deer which makes it unnatural and something that catches the eye.


I liked how I edited the shadows, and worked on the black and white filter. I think I have a good composition and lighting. I also think my camera angle was pretty good. In my opinion the picture is nice but I would be surprised if got selected as one of the best.
In my opinion I got a pretty nice composition on this one with good lighting and contrast. I got creative on this one. The picture is really cool and i think there’s a 30% chance of getting selected as one the best.

Lenses Facts

  1. The lenses are one of the most important parts of the camera.
  2. You need lenses to set an aperture.
  3. Standard zooms are generally included in many SLR kits that come with lenses.
  4. Standard lenses tend to range from about 35mm up to around 85mm.
  5. Lenses in the standard zoom range will cover moderate wide angles
  6. Prime lenses are lenses that are just one focal length.
  7. Less expensive lenses will generally have variable apertures, meaning as you zoom, the maximum aperture gets smaller.
  8. More expensive lenses have a fixed aperture.
  9.  A “fast” lens is usually one that has an aperture of f/4, f/2.8 or larger.
  10. Longer lenses can be challenging to track movement.
  11. Telephoto lenses compress distance.
  12. telephoto lenses are also excellent for sports, nature, and wildlife.
  13. Standard zoom lenses are great “walk around” lenses.
  14. Wide angles are handy in tight areas.
  15. The lens of a camera is the easiest way for a photographer to manipulate the image that’s projected onto a camera’s imaging sensor.
  16. Different lenses support different types of photography.
  17. SLR lenses allow you to take photos of what you see, with limited adjustments.
  18. Rangefinder lenses have a mechanism built in that measures the distance from the camera to the object photographed.
  19.  Mirrorless lenses have no mirror inside, and rely instead on a digital display system to show the image.
  20. Macro lenses are used for extreme close-up photography.

Conceptual Self Portrait

Conceptual usually means something related to mind or emotions, it can also be related to memories. When someone says that they found something that is “conceptual” they are basically saying that, that something (can be a painting, a book, a food, a place, hobbies, pictures etc.) is making them feel a certain way, think a specific thought or remember something. This picture conceptually represents me something about me, it represents the bonds I have with my family and friends, each of these books make me remember and think about important people in my life and it also represents the way that I don’t quite fit in sometimes but there will always be people around that like me for who I am. This is my favorite book series, each book tell the adventures of people with uncommon abilities (the so called peculiar). These books mean a lot to me because I got each one from people that I appreciate. The first one I got as secret Santa gift from a friend in 8th grade which was the book that got me into reading and liking it. My uncle gave me the second on for Christmas which was kind of a surprise because we’re not really close so I didn’t know he knew I liked those books. The third one was kind of a surprise my step-mother made for me, it was pretty cool of her because I was letting her borrow my books so she could read them as well. My mom gave me the last two. So basically each book come with a happy memory of a happy moment with nice people. Every time I read them or see something related to them, I get warm feeling an d nice thoughts. So basically if you see something that makes you feel a certain way or think or remember something this something can be called conceptual. 

Alternative Camera Angles


See the source image

I like the angle in this picture because it really seems like we are just lying down underneath these trees. This picture has also a pretty good lighting and contrast, the different colors and tones make the picture look really nice and it’s not overexposed or underexposed. The colors saturation and vibration are just right.

A Picture With a Nice Texture

What is Texture in Photography? (And How to Capture It!)

In my opinion this picture has a really nice texture and composition. You can see the bones in the hand and the finger marks as well. The shadows makes the picture more detailed. There’s just the right amount of light which makes the picture details more visible. The contrast in the picture make it easier to see the different tones and colors.

The cracks on the trunk are visible which is another point that makes me think the picture has a good texture. The green in the leaves has a really nice tone that catches the eye. The small leaves are just as detailed as the other elements in the picture, like the hand and the trunk. The blurry background let us know what the picture is focusing in. These are the reasons why I think this picture has a good texture and composition.