Meaning and Details.

Photojournalism is the art of telling news through photographs. It is a type of photography that often tells a story with pictures. It tells what’s going on in a certain place at a certain times and sometimes change people’s points of view about different situations. Photojournalism can be easily be found in newspapers, magazines, websites and sometimes on TV.

Photojournalists often use a wide aperture in their pictures, and might use telephoto lens.

My Photojournalism

Anti-racism mural, with black and white musicians.
This is a picture of a mask and a hand sanitizer which are two things that are crucial in our daily lives nowadays, and necessary to protect ourselves.
That’s a picture of an empty public area in a senior apartment building. I just wanted to show how the virus impacted in our social life and activities.

Henri Cartier Bresson pictures

See the source image See the source image

For this part of the post I picked some of Bressons’s silly and funny pictures. Besides being silly and funny they also have a more serious tone because of the black and white effect which is something that caught my eye. I like his black and white style which I use in most of my pictures. I also liked his pictures can vary from photojournalism to landscapes, or silly to serious, and how some could make you laugh, get sad or just make you think about what’s happening and who’s in the picture, for example,  spent some time thinking about what could be happening in the picture with the guy in his underwear in public and staring at a wall, he could be wondering where his clothes are at, it really makes want to know the context and that’s what I think is the most interesting aspect of his pictures.




Aaron Siskind Style

Apps: Light Room Mobile and PicsArt.
Apps: Light Room Mobile and PicsArt.

I liked Siskind style because I’m really into black and white photography. Siskind also used vignette in some of his pictures which is a feature that I use in most of my pictures. I also liked how some of his pictures sometimes had a funny subject but the black and white effect made it more serious.

Body parts


Picture that caught my eye:

Those pictures really caught my attention because the shapes look like someone’s shadow. It is interesting because you can’t quite distinguish what the are. It has a nice composition and a touch of sadness in it.

100 Most Influential Pictures

Abrahan Lincoln was a great man and would’ve accomplished great things if he wasn’t assassinated.

I chose this picture because Abrahan Lincoln is really inspiring in my opinion, given that he fought a severe depression for most of his life and still never gave up and kept trying to make a change.

I chose tis picture because it really shows the happiness and fun the two characters are giving off, and it makes me happy just by looking at this picture, that’s why I think it’s one of the best.

I chose this picture because what caught my eye was the lack of context, you might just keep trying to find it, but the fact that the picture is so weird and intriguing makes it os interesting that you just don’t feel like finding the context anymore and in my opinion that’s why this picture is good.